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IAC,  is a multi-disciplinary performance work created by Other Hearts with Erin Ball. The production focuses on a collection of rag-tag circus folk led by Patches T. Barker (Yousef Kadoura), Applique von Battenburg (Silvae Mercedes) and Buttons (Harri Thomas). Over the course of the show, they make various attempts to contact The Invisible Artist (played by Erin Ball, seeley quest and Lexi), a legendary, multi-faced figure who vanished several years ago. These attempts vary in form, from clown turns and aerial silks to cinema projection and audience participatory ritual, and ultimately succeed, culminating in a theatrical carnival of light, music and creative joy.

Presented as part of Nocturne 2023, in partnership with Eyelevel Gallery, this new iteration of IAC includes an ongoing installation after the performance. This installation takes the material elements of the carnival, improvised sound scapes, and video/audio excerpts from the Invisible Artists' interviews. These elements are constantly remixed, as audiences are invited to add an aluminum flower to the ever shifting altar, honouring the Invisible Artist in all of us.

Text, Concept and Choreography by Other Hearts with Erin Ball

Patches T. Barker: Yousef Kadoura

Applique von Battenburg: Silvae Marcedes

Buttons: Harri Thomas

Invisible Artists: seeley quest, Lexi, Erin Ball

Stage Manager: Senjuti Sarker

Scenographer/TD: Sebastian Marziali

Costume Designer: Silvae Mercedes

Producer: Harri Thomas


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