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On What Ground

What is the first place you remember?  How will this place remember us?

For a society that is increasingly realizing the critical importance of place and environment, On What Ground is an exploration of the ways that we find, make, and leave the places that define us. Dynamically combining music, movement, and an honest conversation between the artists on stage and the members of the audience, we work together to find what makes a place the place.


Part poem, part social practice, part ritual, On What Ground offers a model of not only creative, but also political and ecological commons inspired by the ground that we stand on. The place we are. The place we’re trying to get to. A place we can all belong to.

Is this the place yet? Enough of that. Let’s begin.

Concept and Text: Other Hearts                                                  with the audience

Cartographer: Sebastian Marziali

Archivist: Silvae Mercedes

Ethnographers: Harri Thomas 

                           Yousef Kadoura

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