Set in contemporary Lebanon, One Night follows the journey of Abdulhakim, a young man tortured by the loss of his brother. Dissociated from his homeland and himself, he returns to reckon with the origins and outcomes of violence. Throughout the journey he is guided, challenged, healed, and rejected by Scheherezade, an apparition of the original story teller of the 1001 Arabian Nights and the repository of memory for Abdulhakim and his ancestors. Incorporating object theatre, storytelling and ritual, One Night interrogates how the stories of the past can inform, transform, and ultimately heal the wounds of the present.

Work in progress versions of One Night have been presented as part of the 2019 Caminos festival, as well as at Playwright' Workshop Montreal and Tangled Arts + Disability.

The final version of this work will be presented by the company in fall of 2022