carnival poster master march 2021.jpg

(IAC) is an immersive, travelling theatrical & film experience presented on a flatbed truck. A diverse group of MAD, neuro-divergent and

disabled artists will take to the streets in IAC, reclaiming the Freak Show and delivering astonishing mysterious magic in an hour-long spectacle suitable for all ages, fusing the playfulness of Carnival with science fantasy biography and performance ritual.

Created by performance artist Lisa Anita Wegner and Other HeArts, IAC is an immersive theatre & film experience, social experiment and performance piece that addresses celebrity and anonymity. The narrative serves as an allegory about Wegner’s Madness and disability through a Realistic Confabulation of a mysterious art Icon who went missing with their entourage, the last time they performed in public.

Intangible Adorations Caravan will be presented by Artworks TO, in the summer of 2022 in a series of public spaces throughout the city of Toronto. Support by Tangled Arts + Disability and the Canada Council for the Arts.