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Kicking Against the Bricks

Kicking Against The Bricks is a new durational performance, reflecting on the lives and labour of patients at the Toronto Asylum for the Insane, the physical and spritual precursor to CAMH. The title of this work is inspired by phantom limb syndrome (a condition where limbs removed from the body are still felt, sometimes painfully). Through this thematic metaphor, we explore the relationship between collective memory and public space.

Specifically, this project addresses histories of labour, the often invisible and unwritten contributions of marginalized folx in the creation of urban spaces. Through a combination of research, theatre and installation arts, this piece will contribute to an expanded, and in turn inclusive, history of Toronto, and the ways in which the Mad folx created the world we live in.

This piece is being developed with support from the OAC recommender Grants via Workman Arts and the National Theatre School of Canada's TEC program.


Other Hearts


Yousef Kadoura and Harri Thomas


Yousef Kadoura

Silvae Mercedes

Sebastian Marizali

Harri Thomas

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