Other HeArts is a performance collective made up of four core members: Yousef Kadoura, Sebastian Marziali, Stefne Mercedes and Harri Thomas. Other HeArts came together initially as a producing vehicle for the workshop of Yousef’s show One Night in 2018, under the name Coppice Arts. As Coppice Arts, it followed up this workshop with the presentation of Flower Machine v2, Paiseu, a piece of participatory and ritual theatre produced at the York Lane Art Collective in Stratford, Ontario. 


We are a diverse group of artists, made up of a wealth of identities (Womxn, Disabled, Latinx, Non-Binary/Trans, Middle Eastern). Our shared and diverse experiences of “otherness” have reinforced the world-building (or destroying) nature of performance as a daily act. How will my appearance codify or transform the way that I am read in the world? What parts of myself am I willing to sacrifice today, that others may be seen and flourish? And how can I guide the world to see me better, in all my contradictions? 


These questions all have their echo in the wider world, the wider practice of being human. Bringing together a core team whose practices have reached across every end of the spectrum of performativity, from drag and burlesque to plays and performance art, we have come together in a spirit of radical cosmopolitanism. To draw from a plurality of experiences and disciplines to expand the boundaries of performance in pursuit of accessibility, presence and shared experience.