The dislocation of our day-to-day lives by the COVID Pandemic has created a moment of extended liminality, a dream, a mixing place between the banal and the other-worldly. Through a collection of short filmed scores and distorted historical texts reflecting on illness and pandemics past, we wake from one dream to another.

Presented as part of Toronto Digital Fringe, 2020

1000 Things in a Virus Dream


A developmental workshop exploring the image potentials of Jean Genet's Elle.

Supported by the National Theatre School's TEC program.

Her (Sweetness)


Flower Machine v2, Paiseu, a piece of participatory and ritual theatre produced at the York Lane Art Collective in Stratford, Ontario.



l00k1ngl4ss is a puppet-centric performance piece based on isolation and new methods of interaction.the piece uses the aesthetics of our modern digital lives to share a silent narrative meditating on the nature of isolation, distraction, connection and transformation in death.

Created as part of the Art Apart festival.



​Our 2019 work in progress production of One Night as part of Caminos Festival, produced by Aluna Theatre.

One Night,
Caminos 2019